Dog Neck Brace

Cone Vet Pet Dog Cat Medical Elizabethan Collar Neck Brace NO LICK BITE WOUND
Cone Vet Pet Dog Cat Medical Elizabethan Collar Neck Brace NO LICK BITE WOUND
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dog neck brace
my dog is not right after his surgery?

my dog had a lump removed from his head 2 days ago; he's come back home with a collar on and he's what can only be described as a nightmare! he constantly whines and moans and its very upsetting. the vet seems to think it could be the neck brace, and doesnt think its pain related.
He's whining long into the night, and its starting to cause unpleasantness in my house....
one thing extra, the vet slipped up and said 'the nurse had to heavy hand him' before surgery, so i dont know if she did something to traumatize him, but hes not himself, eating and drinking small amounts.......what do i do?

While in the room with your dog remove the neck brace. Some dogs do not need it and it only traumatizes the dog. If the dog begins to scratch at the incision put the brace back on. Hopefully, the dog will be ok without the brace. If he continues to whine without the brace you will know it is pain.

dog in neckbrace

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