Dog Pooping Blood Mucus

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dog pooping blood mucus
My dog is sick please help!?

I smelled something strange and in my living room there was poop, blood, and a mucus type substance on my floor. The poop was very light, and was like diarrhea. The blood was little droplets, and the mucus this was terrible. It smelled like actual poop, but was a different consistency. I have a cocker spaniel and he is 9 years old. He had done the same thing yesterday and is feeling very drained and mellow. I have an appointment with the vet but I would like to know what I can do prior to my visit, and to find out with problem he has. Thank you!

You've done the right thing by booking a vet appointment, all I can say is to look after him and watch him as much as possible so you can tell the vet as much information as you can - and let him know he's loved :) I hope your dog feels better soon!

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